Latest News 2018

Jun 17 Koda (Patchcoat Zorik) & Riina debuted in rally-obedience with ALL 100 points! Congratulations!
Jun 16 Hilkka with her 3 Patchcoat girls in rally-obedience competition: Kiri (Patchcoat Queenie) in Winners class 63 points - no qualified result; her daughter Valo (Patchcoat Valenka) in Open class 89 points and title RTK2 and her daughter Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) in beginners class 73 points and title RTK1. Congratulations to Hilkka & her pack!
Jun 16-17 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) & Tiina and Simo (Patchcoat Ahmik) & Mervi on herding clinic by Riitta Lumiluoto.
Jun 10 Valo (Patchcoat Valenka) & Valtteri won a course in agility 1st class and raised to the 2nd class! Congratulations!
Jun 1 North Legends D-litter (from Faroaks Saltfleet Ty X North Legends American Dream) 13 years today! Happy Birthday!
May 27 Kira (Patchcoat Xtempore) and Nova (Patchcoat Yeraz) were mental tested by Finnish mental test. Both qualified with typical Aussie character. Congratulations!
May 26 Nomsa (Patchcoat Animosha) got Very Good evaluation in Junior class, Joensuu International Dog Show "Suvi-Karelia". Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) was disqualified with mention "not in type". After show ring small Aussie meeting with Pami (Patchcoat Pamela), Hippa (Patchcoat Tabitha), Jippu (Riekonhovin Heavenly Blue), Nova (Patchcoat Yeraz), Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur), Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr), Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) ja Nomsa (Patchcoat Animosha), swimming and running happily together.
May 25-28 Nova at our house for a short summer vacation.
May 22 Pulmu (Patchcoat Pawnee) moved into everlasting summer in the age of 14 years, 9 months and 12 days. Thank you for Minna & the family for giving such a wonderful, loving home to Pulmu! Now only Pami (Patchcoat Pamela) left from our first litter.
May 12 Redi (Patchcoat Zareh) & Sanna debuted in obedience competition, They got 170,5 points and were placed second! Congratulations!
May 9 Chila (Patchcoat Urania) and Tuuli collected wins and titles in ASCA agility! Congratulations!
May 5 Kiri (Patchcoat Queenie) & Hilkka in rally-obedience winners class 74 points and Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) & Hilkka in beginners class 80 points! Congrats!
May 5 Peetu (Patchcoat Apache) got Good evaluation in Junior class show! Congrats!
May 3 Happy Birthday to our T-litter - already 8 years!
May 1 Good evaluation to Kerbe (Patchcoat Xcellent) in dog show! Congrats!
Apr 23 Happy Birthday to our A-litter - 1 year today!