Latest News 2019

Jun 15 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) got 92 points (/100) in water rescue beginners class and was placed 3rd! Congrats!
Jun 14-16 Mysti (Patchcoat Achak) at our house playing with Petja over weekend.
Jun 12 Tarmo (Patchcoat Zaven) & Kaisa passed behavior test and got title BH! Congratulations!
Jun 11 Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) & Pekka made a second price result 253 points (/300) in tracking and got title JK1! Congratulations!
Jun 9 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) has passed all tests to work as a therapy dog of Finnish Kennel Club. Good luck and all the best to this job!
Jun 8 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) & Tiina made a clear run in agility highest class and were placed 2nd! Congrats!
Jun 8 Brothers Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) and Koda (Patchcoat Zorik) in rally-obedience beginners class: Petja 95 points (/100) and Koda & Riina 76 + 97 points and title RTK1! Congrats!
Jun 5 Redi (Patchcoat Zareh) and Sanna made 2nd price result in open class obedience again! Congrats!
Jun 3 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) and Sini made a clear run in agility highest class! Congrats!
Jun 2 Petja got 2nd leg and 1st place on started ducks and title STDd + 1st leg on started sheep! Good boy, Petja!
Jun 1 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) got 1st leg and 1st place on started ducks! Congrats!
Jun 1 Turbo (Ardiente Mal Pirata, sire of our B-litter) is Australian Shepherds' Swedish Champion in tracking! Congratulations, Cari & Turbo!
May 30-31 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) on FinASC herding clinics by Andrea Hoffman (sheep) and Sandra Zilch (ducks).
May 27 Jesse (Shepmate's Super Charge), sire of our U-litter slept away. Sorry for your loss, Johanna!
May 25 Kerbe is mated with Ringa (Snowtime's Raven). Puppies expected to kennel Snowtime's.
May 25 Kerbe (Patchcoat Xcellent ) got 1st price result in obedience highest class! Congratulations!
May 25 Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) and Valtteri made clear run in agility highest class! Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) and Sini also clear run but little over time, so place 6th. Congrats!
May 23 Simo's spine is also clear and healthy! Congrats and good luck to all activities!
May 20 Simo's (Patchcoat Ahmik) hips A/A (Excellent) and elbows 0/0 (normal). Congrats to Mervi!
May 17 Simo (Patchcoat Ahmik) was x-rayed (elbows, hips and spine) and looked healthy. Waiting for official statements from FKC.
May 12 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) in Rustavi (Georgia) Yellow Dog National Show Champion Class Excellent1, Best Male1, BOB and CAC!
May 12 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) and Sini debuted in agility highest class: clear run and 3rd place! Congratulations!
May 11-12 Kiila (Patchcoad Wahida) and Hanna joining to rescue exercise of Eastern Finland rescue dog group.
May 11 Redi (Patchcoat Zareh) and Sanna got second price result in obedience open class. Congrats!
May 11 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) in Rustavi Spring (Georgia) National Show Open Class Excellent1, Best Male1, BOB, CAC, BOG3 and Georgian Champion!
May 11 Turo (North Legends Duran Duran) slept away gently at the age of 13 years, 11 months and 10 days. He was last of Unelma's puppies. Our warmest consolations to the family!
May 5 Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) is back on tracks agility highest class after maternal period. No clear runs today, but two results with 4th places.
May 3 Our T-litter 9 years today! Happy birthday!
Apr 28 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) & Sini made two clear runs in agility 2nd class and were moved into highest class! Congratulations!
Apr 27 Chila (Patchcoat Urania) &Tuuli in ASCA agility: Chila got two new titles, GV-E & RV-O, and placed 3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd. Congratulations!
Apr 27 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) made a clear course in agility highest class! Congratulations!
Apr 27 Mysti (Patchcoat Achak) and Nomsa (Patchcoat Animosha) in Outokumpu dog show open class: Mysti Very Good and 3rd in his class, Nomsa Good. Congrats!
Apr 23 Our A-litter 2 years today! Happy Birthday!