Latest News 2018

Aug 16 Pami (Patchcoat Pamela) came home last time. Her ashes were buried in a quiet corner of our garden.
Aug 9-15 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) on a summer holiday at Imatra with Mai (Patchcoat Rigmarole),Hali (Patchcoat Udane) and Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) + 3 other dogs. Playing, swimming and running much together!
Aug 9 Peetu (Patchcoat Apache) was x-rayed: hips A/A (excellent) and elbows 0/0 (normal). Thanks and congrats to Kastanja and good luck in the future!
Aug 6 Kerbe (Patchcoat Xcellent) and Heli competed in SAR open class and made a first price result with 276 points (/300) and title HK2! Congratulations!
Aug 4 ASCA started class with (flying!) sheep was too difficult for Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) & me, but we are much encouraged by the 4th place - thank you!
Aug 4 Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) and Valtteri got 4th place in Finnish Agility Junior Championships! Congrats!
Aug 3 My one and only Pami (Patchcoat Pamela) slept away in age of 14 years, 11 months and 24 days. It was such a huge blessing to have a dog like her! We all miss our granny so much! Now every one of our P-litter (the first one) are gone and waiting for us on a rainbow bridge. Her spirit is living forward in her descendants.
Aug 3 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) Very Good (youngsters class) in International Sawo Show.
Jul 29 In Mikkeli Dog Show Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) Very Good and Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) Excellent evaluations by judge Lena Danker-Höglund. Congrats!
Jul 28 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) got 3rd place in agility novice class! Congrats!
Jul 28 Vekki (Ardiente Don Perro), sire of our A-litter, 5 years today! Happy Birthday!
Jul 22 Agility highest class results: Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) & Valtteri got second place and silver medal in regional championships; Viiru (Patchcoat Viviane) & Satu made two clear courses and gor Agility-Certification (two more needed for Agility Champion), Lilli (Patchcoat Shanghai Lily) & Sanni made also clear course! Congratulations!
Jul 19-22 Patchcoat Summer Camp in Kitee: herding coached by Pia Hjerppe, agility coached by Tiina Hiltunen, SAR, tracking, obedience... socializing, meeting friends, having fun...Pami (Patchcoat Pamela) Pupi (Doubleyou's Witzy Wowwow, Kiri (Patchcoat Queenie), Flamme (Krauholt Rafferty), Hippa (Patchcoat Tabitha), Valo (Patchcoat Valenka), Unelma (Pikipaimenen Jotain Kaunista ja Hyvää), Milo (Sheepchaser's Frasse), Redi (Patchcoat Zareh), Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet), Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur), Mysti (Patchcoat Achak), Rokka (Patchcoat Atoka), Peetu (Patchcoat Apache), Nomsa (Patchcoat Animosha), Popi and Dean with their owners. Thanks guys for beautiful days!
Jul 14 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) & Sini debuted in agility with a clear course and second place! Congrats!
Jul 13-15 Hippa (Patchcoat Tabitha) and Nomsa (Patchcoat Animosha) at our house for a weekend.
Jul 10 Valo (Patchcoat Valenka) & Pekka got 264 points (/300) and title JK1 in working dogs' tracking competition! Congratulations!
Jul 9 Our R-litter already 11 years! Happy Birthday!
Jul 8 Fox (Patchcoat Xfile) & Taru made two clear courses in agility novice class! Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) & Valtteri made nice 5 points course in agility jumping highest class. Congrats!
Jun 28 Rio (Somethin'Spicy Rio Grande) was put to sleep because of lymphoma. So sorry, Taina!
Jun 28 Kerbe (Patchcoat Xcellent) and Heli made wonderful job in Tracking trial and got 289 points (out of 300) and title JK2! Congratulations!
Jun 24 Our Midsummer girl Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) 5 years already! Happy Birthday!
Jun 17 Koda (Patchcoat Zorik) & Riina debuted in rally-obedience with ALL 100 points! Congratulations!