Latest News 2018

Mar 8 Hippa (Patchcoat Tabitha) and Nomsa (Patchcoat Animosha) at our house.
Mar 7 Jansa (Patchcoat Yansa) is also healthy: hips A/A (excellent), elbows 0/0 (normal) and spine ok!
Mar 4-6 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) at our house for a winter holiday.
Mar 3 Rally results: Kiri (Patchcoat Queenie) and Hilkka got 85 points in open class and title RTK2! Granddaughter Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) and Hilkka debuted in rally with 94 points! Congratulations!
Mar 3 Show results: Very Good and second place in open class males to Nova (Patchcoat Yeraz) and Very Good and third place in junior class males to Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) by judge Tarja Löfman in Juuka .
Mar 3 Viiru (Patchcoat Viviane) and Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) with their owners at Laura Sutinen's agility clinic.
Feb 27-Mar 3 Nova (Patchcoat Yeraz) at our house on a winter holiday.
Feb 25 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) has also healthy spine!
Feb 20 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) and Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) have excellent hips A/A and elbows 0/0! Congratulations to owners and good luck in agility!
Feb 19 Jansa (Patchcoat Yansa) was x-rayed. Everything looks ok! Waiting for official statement by FKC.
Feb 17 Chila (Patchcoat Urania) and Tuuli made a perfect 100 points course in rally highest class! Huge congratulations!
Feb 17 Pubi (Ardiente Cinco Jotas), sire of our Z-litter, 9 years today! Happy Birthday!
Feb 15 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) was x-rayed at age of 15 months. Everything looks ok! Waiting for official statement by FKC.
Feb 15 Max (Patchcoat Valiant) had his eyes checked. Clear and bright!
Feb 14 Chila (Patchcoat Urania) is the rally dog of the year 2017 by Finnish Aussie Club! Congratulations!
Feb 12 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) had his hips and elbows checked. Waiting for the official statement from FKC.
Feb 10 Emma (Patchcoat Unice) and Sanni won in agility second class! Congrats!
Feb 8 Ruska (Patchcoat Xcetera) had her eyes checked - clear and bright!
Feb 4 Last aussie date at our old location in Roukalahti with 4 generations: Pami (Patchcoat Pamela), Kiri (Patchcoat Queenie), Valo (Patchcoat Valenka), Viiru (Patchcoat Viviane), Jama (Patchcoat Yamka), Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) and Piki (Blue-Beacon Biana the Real Pearl) with their owners.