Fin MVA JK3 HK2 TK1 RTK1 BH AD Patchcoat Pamela STDs JHD DNA-cp Pami

Pami 7 years. Photo: Hanna Turunen

born: Aug 10th 2003 - R.I.P Aug 3rd 2018

female, blue merle (red factored), white & tan, full tail

sire: S & N MVA TjH Korad JK3 Mr Binks Fritto Banditto Fritto

dam: Fin MVA JK3 HK1 BH AD North Legends American Dream Unelma

health: hips B/A, elbows 0/0, full scissor bite.

In March 2011 found spondylosis.

eyes: clear (7 January 2013), HSF4 normal.

activities: tracking, search & rescue, water rescue, obedience, herding (Started Trial Dog - Sheep, Junior Herding Dog), rally-obedience

conformation: Finnish Champion

breeder: Wilhelmiina Virolainen, kennel Patchcoat

owner: Wilhelmiina Virolainen, Liperi

Pami's pedigree

Mental test: +157 points, qualified, no fear for shots

MH-character test 2.5.2009

Pami in Finnish Aussie Database

Pami in Finnish Kennel Club's Database

Offspring: Patchcoat Q-litter, born April 16th 2007

Patchcoat T-litter, born May 3rd 2010

Pami's grandchildren:

Patchcoat V-litter, born Jan 16th 2011

Karvakamun H-litter, born May 8th 2015

Other merits:

Our local kennel club's Obedience dog of the year 2007

Pami 14 years. Photo: Kastanja Sankala