Patchcoat Valiant Max

born: January 16, 2011, black tricolor, full tail

sire: ASCA CH Spring Fever Colors of the Wind STDs Bodie

dam: JK3 VK1 TK1 RTK1 BH Patchcoat Queenie Kiri

hips: A/A (Excellent), elbows: 0/0 (clear), healthy spine, full scissor bite

eyes: clear (2018), HSF4 free (by parentage)

mental: Finnish mental test qualified with +207 points, no fear for shots

conformation: Very Good in open class

owner: Joonas Jäntti, Juuka

Max is very open, outgoing, happy and safe adult dog with good herding instinct and strong mental stability. He lives at countryside in a family with many kids, and is always ready to play and run with them, go hiking or fishing with his master or enjoy the playful company of other dogs and animals. Very healthy, stabile and trustworthy sweetheart!

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JK2 TK2 TK1 HK1 BH Patchcoat Xcellent Kerbe

born: October 30, 2014, red merle white & tan, full tail

sire: Dancing Skies Solar Flare Ruu

dam: TK1 RTK1 BH Patchcoat Udane Hali

hips: A/A (Excellent), elbows: 0/0 (clear), LTV1 (unofficial at age of 19 months), full scissor bite

eyes: clear (2014), HSF4 normal (by parentage)

mental: not yet tested

activities: obedience (winner class), search & rescue (open class), tracking (winners class)

conformation: Good in Open class

owner: Heli Laakso, Hämeenlinna

Kerbe is multitalented boy with lots of energy. He loves every job you give him. Very intelligent dog, learning new things much faster than his owner. Keep your eyes peeled for this boy!

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