Patchcoat Yeraz Nova

born: December 11, 2014, blue merle with white & tan, full tail

sire: Somethin' Spicy Rio Grande Rio

dam: RTK2 RTK1 JK1 BH Patchcoat Valenka Valo

hips: B/B (Good), elbows: 0/0 (clear), healthy spine (VA0, SP0, LTV0), full scissor bite

eyes: clear (2015), HSF4 free (by parentage)

mental: Finnish mental test qualified with +159 points, not used to gun shots

conformation: Very Good in open class

owner: Elisa Vaakanainen, Tervo

Nova is energetic, very open, outgoing, happy and safe adult dog with good herding instinct. He lives at countryside in a family and is always ready to play with other dogs or people, go hiking or fishing with his family or enjoy the playful company of other dogs. Very healthy and funny sweetheart full of kisses!

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ARM MVA GE MVA RTK1 BH PAIM-T Patchcoat Zorapet STDd Petja

born: Oct 23rd 2016, male, black tricolor, full tail

sire: Ardiente Cinco Jotas Pubi

dam: HK2 RTK1 BH Patchcoat Viviane Viiru

health: hips A/A (excellent), elbows 0/0 (normal), spine healthy (LTV0, VA0, SP0), full scissor bite

eyes: clear (6/2020), HSF4 normal, PRA -/+ (carrier)


mental: Finnish mental test qualified with +155 points, not used to gun shots

activities: agility, search & rescue, tracking, water rescue (open class), herding (herding capability tested, ASCA started ducks, 1st leg on started sheep), rally-obedience (open class), nose work, therapy dog work

conformation: Armenian Champion, Georgian Champion, Excellent and Cert in Junior class, Excellent in Open class

breeder: Kennel Patchcoat, Wilhelmiina Virolainen

owner: Wilhelmiina Virolainen, Liperi

Petja is outgoing, open and calm. He does not provoke other dogs but does not give up if the other one will attack. Petja wants to be friends and play with everyone. He is full of self-confidence but wants humbly to work for his people. He has good and calm herding instinct with all kinds of live stock - the bigger arena the better. His ability to read both people and animals is excellent, so he is great with kids and in therapy work. Easy to handle anywhere and introduce to any work, place or people.


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Petja in Finnish Kennel Club database