ARM CH GE CH RTK1 PAIM-T Patchcoat Zorapet STDd Petja

(Petja 2 years and 11 months, photo: WV & Artem Shahbazyan)

born: Oct 23rd 2016, male, black tricolor, full tail

sire: Ardiente Cinco Jotas Pubi

dam: HK2 RTK1 BH Patchcoat Viviane Viiru

health: hips A/A (excellent), elbows 0/0 (normal), spine healthy (LTV0, VA0, SP0), full scissor bite

eyes: clear (14.3.2019), HSF4 normal (by parents)

activities: agility, search & rescue, tracking, water rescue, herding (herding capability tested, ASCA started ducks, 1st leg on started sheep), rally-obedience, nose work, therapy dog work

conformation: Georgian Champion, Armenian Champion, Excellent and Cert in Junior class, Excellent in Open class

breeder: Kennel Patchcoat, Wilhelmiina Virolainen

owner: Wilhelmiina Virolainen, Liperi

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Petja in
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Petja 3 weeks.