Latest News 2020

Aug 10 Papu (Patchcoat Chippewa) got her eyes checked; all clear and bright like the whole C-litter.

Aug 8 Redi (Patchcoat Zareh) & Sanna won open class obedience with 269,5 (/300) points! They were also in winning team of regional championships! Congratulations!

Aug 1 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) passed behavior test and got title BH! Good boy, Petja!

Jul 31 In Norway Taco (Highway 2 My Dreams av Aussieboxy) was inseminated from Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet). Thumbs up of many lively puppies!

Jul 28 Vekki (Ardiente Don Perro) and Turbo (Ardiente Mal Pirata), the sires of our A- and B-litters, 7 years today! Happy birthday!

Jul 20 Sumu (P. Chayton), Bobi (P. Cherokee), Hilma (P. Colombina) and Pokka (P. Colorado) had their eyes checked. All bright and clear! Thanks for the owners!

Jul 16 Toma (Patchcoat Tristan) & Jenna got title TK1 with 177 points in obedience novice class and were placed 3rd. Congratulations!

Jul 13 C-puppies have left the building. * Sigh*

Jul 12 Hali (Patchcoat Udane), Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) and Hanna in regional championships silver team! Congratulations!

Jul 11 Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) & Hanna got 2nd place in agility second class! Congrats!

Jul 9 Our C-litter was microchipped and checked by a vet. All healthy, brave and active little monsters!

Jul 9 Happy Birthday to Nuppu (Patchcoat Ruffina) and Vaapu (Patchcoat Raspberry), 13 years today! Only these two grannies left from our R-litter.

Jul 7 Our C-puppies were tested by Lea Kilpeläinen. All open, outgoing and active puppies!

Jul 2 Sent some frozen semen of Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) to Norway. Fingers crossed!

Jun 28 Emma (Patchcoat Unice) & Sanni were placed 2nd in agility second class race! Congrats!

Jun 24 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) had his eyes checked again: clear and bright.

Jun 24 Our Midsummer girl Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) 7 years today! Happy Birthday!

Jun 21 Excactly 20 years ago our foundation girl Unelma came home. Every Patchcoat Aussie is carrying a little part of her. Thank you for a wonderful dog to Nina & Arto Aaltonen, kennel North Legends!

Jun 13 Petja (Patchcoat Zorapet) passed Finnish mental test with qualified result +155 points and not used to gun shots. Actually he is used to, but gave a small reaction after big pressure.

Jun 9 Max (Patchcoat Valiant) died in traffic accident. Crying with you, Joonas & the family!

Jun 5 Petja's (Patchcoat Zorapet) DNA scan results are ready! He is clear except carrying PRA (-/+).

Jun 4 Emma (Patchcoat Unice) & Sanni won two courses in agility 2nd class! Congrats!

Jun 1 Happy Birthday to Roni (North Legends Daylight): 15 healthy years today!

May 3 Our T-litter 10 years today! Happy birthday!

Apr 27 Susu (Patchcoat Sweet Dream) was chosen for Rally-obedience Rookie of the Year 2019 by their local club JoA! Congratulations to Sirkku and Susu!