Latest News 2020

May 19 The puppies are here!

May 3 Our T-litter 10 years today! Happy birthday!

Apr 27 Susu (Patchcoat Sweet Dream) was chosen for Rally-obedience Rookie of the Year 2019 by their local club JoA! Congratulations to Sirkku and Susu!

Apr 26 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) was chosen for Agility Dog of the Year 2019 by their local club JoA! Congratulations to Tiina and Arra!

Apr 23 Our A-litter already 3 years today! Happy Birthday!

Apr 16 The grand old lady of Patchcoat -pack, Kiri (Patchcoat Queenie) 13 years today! Happy birthday!

Apr 14 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) was ultrasounded and is pregnant. See Puppies.

Apr 1 Nemo's hips are good (B/B), elbows normal (0/0) and spine clear (LTV0, VA0, SP0). Thanks and congrats, Johanna!

Mar 27 Nemo (Patchcoat Zavik) was x-rayed, looking healthy. Waiting for official statements from FKC.

Mar 20 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) was mated with Kerbe (Patchcoat Xcellent). See Puppies.

Mar 11 MyDogDNA -test results for Max (Patchcoat Valiant) are clear for all tested disorders and drug responses.

Mar 8 Jama (Patchcoat Yamka) & Hilkka made a great 89 points result (/100) in rally-obedience open class! Congratulations!

Mar 7 Emma (Patchcoat Unice) & Sanni won the run in agility 2nd class! Congratulations!

Mar 6 Arra is in heat. See Puppies.

Mar 5 Arra is chosen to participate agility Hall Finnish Championships on March 21-22! Congratulations!

Mar 1-6 Arra (Patchcoat Zepyur) at our house for a winter holiday. :)

Mar 1 Tuisku (Patchcoat Zhirayr) and Sini made "triple zeros" = 3 clear runs in agility highest class! Hali (Patchcoat Udane) and Hanna made also clear run and were placed 3rd! Congratulations!

Feb 29 Kerbe (Patchcoat Xcellent) & Heli made their second first price result with 271 points in obedience highest class! One more to go for obedience champion! Kiila (Patchcoat Wahida) & Hanna won two runs in agility second class! Congratulations!

Feb 9-28 Max (Patchcoat Valiant) at our house on a winter holiday. :)