Jama was mated with Turbo on 29th of November.


Male, blue merle & white, full tail

born July 28th 2013

sire: BH Hullabaloo's X Inspirator

dam: FI AVA, FI AVA-H Ardiente Flor de Jazmin STDsd

health: full scissor bite, hips A/A (Excellent), elbows 0/0 (Normal)

eyes: clear (Oct 12th 2018), not carrier of HSF4 -cataract mutation (by parentage)
MH- mental description: Qualified

Mental test of Swedish "Korning" 522 points, no fear for shots

conformation: Very Good in Working Class

activities: obedience (highest class), tracking (Swedish Tracking Champion), search (highest class), rally-obedience (Swedish Rally Champion), herding

owner: Cari Rörström, Kiruna, Ruotsi

Cari's website: https://coworkersaussies.wordpress.com/hundar-dogs...

Turbo is lively, open and very masculine male despite of his compact structure. Very typical and cofident Aussie, absolut leader of his own pack (5 Aussies + 20 sled dogs) Open and friendly, good guard, good herd - always ready to try something new. At home very easy, but when something's happening - he is there before you notice! Worthy for his name: much more than you see in a small package!

RTK1 BH Patchcoat Yamka Agi3 Jama

Female, black tricolor, full tail

born December 11th 2014

sire: Somethin'Spicy Rio Grande

dam: RTK2, RTK1, JK1, BH Patchcoat Valenka

healt: full scissor bite, hips B/A (Good/ Excellent), elbows 0/0, healthy spine: LTV0, SP0, VA0

eyes: clear (Sept 6th 2018), not carrier of HSF4 -cataract mutation (by parentage)

mental test: +108 p., qualified, no fear for shots

conformation: Very Good in Junior Class

activities: agility (highest class), rally-obedience (Open class), message, tracking

owner: Hilkka Nyman, Joensuu

Jama & Valtteri Pennanen won Finnish Agility Open Junior Championships 2017, and they got silver medal in Agility Regional Championships 2018

Jama is open and happy cutie, still the baby in her own pack (3 older dogs, including her dam and grandmom) and the family. Easy, outgoing and always eager to learn something new. Everybodys sweetheart and a kissing machine, with the speed you will be amazed! Incredibly balanced in herding and most loyal friend and family member. She loves every job and will do it with fire in her heart!