FI AVA TK2 TK1 Patchcoat Pocahontas Elsa


Aug 10th 2003 - Jun 3rd 2014

Elsa was put down because of cancer.

female, red merle, white & tan, full tail

sire: S & N MVA TjH Korad JK3 Mr Binks Fritto Banditto Fritto

dam: Fin MVA JK3 HK1 BH AD North Legends American Dream Unelma

health: hips A/A, elbows 0/0, spine ok (2012), knees ok, full scissor bite, DLE (2011)

eyes: clear 2013

agility: agility (Finnish Agility Champion), obedience

conformation: Very Good

breeder:Wilhelmiina Virolainen, kennel Patchcoat

owner: Pirjo Sajantola, Hämeenlinna

Elsa's pedigree

Mental test: +140 points, qualified, no fear for shots

Unofficial MH-character test 2.5.2008

Elsa in Finnish Aussie Database

Elsa in Finnish Kennel Club Database

offspring: Patchcoat R-litter, born 9th of July 2007

Elsa's grandchildren:

Patchcoat U-litter, born 25th of November 2010

Patchcoat W-litter, born 25th of June 2013

Other merits: Regional Championship in Obedience Team trial 2005

Regional Agility Cup maxi winner 2005

Australian Shepherds Breed Master II in Agility 2009

Regional Dog Club's Agility dog of the year number II 2010

Elsa 4 weeks. (Photo WV)

Elsa at spring 2008. (Kuva: Irene Vinha)